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First, Rebecca Zamolo created Giant AMONG US in Real life But at a MASQUERADE BALL! Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded Real Food Vs Mini Brands Challenge But in Real Life! Finally the Game Master network made a 5 Ways to Sneak Spy Gadgets into the Movie Theater! Now our enemy has taken all of the giveaway prizes for the zamfam along with Matt’s best friend Peanut. Our dog Peanut is Missing. Matt gets emotional because Peanut is his best friend. Maddie was able to hack into the system to find out where they might have taken him. Rebecca and Matt along with cousin Maddie and Robbie Rob all start searching for Peanut. It looks like he is with our enemy who is throwing an exchange party. They might be trading the super computer for the stolen charity money. Can we get Peanut back or will he stay missing forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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