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First Rebecca Zamolo celebrated Christmas in Summer Challenge to open game mastery mystery present from the game master. That was after Matt and Rebecca had a face reveal of Maddie’s best friend and an emotional goodbye. Now in order to get the mystery gifts from the game master we must compete in challenges to win. Whoever wins gets to open the next gift. When we open the mystery gift it has two boxes inside. One says boys the other says girls. Matt and Robbie Rob go to a secret hidden hiding spot to open theirs while the girls are upstairs in Rebecca’s bedroom. This is a boys vs girls prank challenge. Its like one of those 15 ways to trick your friends or sneak super heroes into the movie theater. I’ll be honest it might be an impossible challenge but full of fun. The best prank is when Maddie thinks she is meeting her celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes, who found her on tik tok. Do you think the girls will get revenge or will the boys win again? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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