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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours handcuffed in hacker mini mansion with a real ghost. That was before Matt and Rebecca were trapped in a sauna for 24 hours and had a best friend voice reveal. Finally after that the game master network played first to escape haunted mini vampire mansion wins. Now Rebecca and Matt along with best friend Rick Noah and twin like cousin Maddie are sneaking into a candy store. The store owner leaves and the four friends are able to get inside. Everyone quickly starts grabbing and eating as much candy as possible. Is your dream to live in a candy store one day? The first challenge is who can find the most candy. Next challenge is a breakfast meal challenge. Matt picks a giant gummy vs real food burger. Next just like Alexa Rivera Matt challenges everyone to a funny fashion show. The punishment is whoever is last has to go outside in their outfit. Who do you think will win? Hopefully the candy store owner doesn’t come back and ruin this 24 hour challenge. Do you think Matt and Rebecca can escape before it turns into a battle royale? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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