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After Rebecca Zamolo Turned Our Safe House into a Giant BARBIE Dream Home! (Worst DIY Crafts Boys vs Girls Challenge), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)” The Real Game Master created RZ Twin is in Trouble! Spending 24 Hours with Game Master In Real Life Hacker Escape Room Prank, then the Game Master incorporated posted “Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge While Spying on Secret Meeting with Game Master Network in Haunted” and escaped. Now Matt gets to tell his story about what happened. After spying on a secret date with Agent R Matt comes up with a plan to get Rebecca the dream house she always wanted but needs to put her through some tests. First, Matt convinces Agent R and Agent S to help him by creating a fake Instagram Account to trick Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t fall for it and she passes test 1, Next test they follow her to a coffee shop and get into disguise to see if she would talk to them. She quickly says she is married and passes tests 2. Before Matt can trick and prank rebecca again, she goes to the bank and meets with a mysterious man. Who is this? Can we trust Rebecca, Matts wife? Matt and Rebecca meet at a park for the final test of who knows me better, they have a fun time and Matt gives Rebecca her surprise. What do you think it is? Will Rebecca’s dream come true? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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