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Rebecca Zamolo first uploaded surprising subscribers and paying their rent for a year! Then Matt and Rebecca tried Becoming my Best Friends Assistant for 24 Hours to Go Through Camera Roll! Finally the game master network found out that Matt’s Best Friend is Hypnotized in Hot vs Sweet vs Sour Challenge! Now in order to get Maddie to move out and stay at her new house we are going to surprise her with a giant dating game to get her a first kiss with her celebrity crush Shawn Mendes. If this works perfectly will choose the right Shawn Mendes after he sings a romantic song and they will leave in a rented limo. But if Rebecca Zamolo’s cousin finds out that Matt and Rebecca are tricking her she might do something awkward and unexpected. It kind of feels like we are sneaking celebrity crushes into the movie theater expect its our new house. Rebecca is the host of this giant dating game in real life. Do you think Maddie, Rebecca’s cousin, and best friend will buy it or will it turn into a giant battle royale? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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