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Rebecca tricks her husband in this 24 hour challenge to sabotage him from going into the secret tunnel alone.

After I, Rebecca Zamolo started surprising my cousin Maddie and her crush with dream prom inside our house, then Matt and Rebecca posted crushing crunchy & soft things with my car experiment to destroy iPhone SE of ex best friend. The real game master learned Daniel is missing at the lake of secrets while searching for RZ Twin Reveals new evidence. Rebecca is mad at her husband Matt for sneaking into the secret tunnel with out her. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie decide to prank him for 24 hours and trick him to tell the truth. The pranking starts with Rebecca doing the shampoo prank and putting blue paint inside. Matt has a shocking reaction that his wife would do this for betraying her. Maddie steals Matt’s glasses and has to learn how to do the jell-o prank in the kitchen. She still doesn’t know that she drank lie detector mixture at prom with her crush agent R. The cousins convince Matt to let them give him a haircut at home and shave his head like Brent Rivera did to his sister. Al encourages Matt to ignore Rebecca for 24 hours and to win prank wars. The cousins set up funny diy food pranks before giving him sleep cloud to fall asleep. They do the last and final prank by dragging Matt’s bed downstairs and into the pool. Do you think the agents were spying on us to see Matt’s reaction? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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