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We trapped Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer using hidden clues to defeat Project Zorgo!
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After Matt and Rebecca Zamolo were Spying on GAME MASTER VS. PROJECT ZORGO with Stephen Sharer (Secret Meeting behind Hideout overnight) and Trapped Real GAME MASTER In TOP SECRET ESCAPE ROOM with Stephen Sharer after Project Zorgo Meeting, they had less than 24 hours to leave the top secret mansion in Florida! Matt and Rebecca began Spying on GAME MASTER STEPHEN SHARER FAM House (Backyard pond reveals new hidden clues & riddles). They were searching for mysterious ninja spy gadgets used for a battle royale and an abandoned boat by pond water while exploring the house. It seems like Stephen and his sister (not twin) Grace had been secretly training like ninjas in the winter and having a secret meeting with other mystery men in the Game Master Network including Santa’s little helper. The Real Game Master You Tube Channel revealed that his Game Master trap for Project Zorgo was part of Phase 2 and the sacred six were a decoy. Stephen and Grace were supposed to stay overnight at the GM hideout but came home early. Rebecca and Matt broke into the Sharer fam garage when they arrived and followed them inside to look for clues. We found mystery spy gadgets including a control room with a haul of hacker wires in their basement and surveillance footage. While unboxing a mysterious gift we found a voice changer microphone used to disguise your tone. We had to hide and seek so we could stay undercover but soon saw STL upstairs. M & R began chasing Santa’s little helper up into a secret hidden room and saw the Game Master’s real disguise. Do you think Stephen is the Game Master Spy STL? We’ll need to do a face reveal before Christmas. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2018!

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