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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo compete in a challenge to rescue Maddie from Agent R!

After Rebecca Zamolo created Giant Double DATE PRANKS on Matt with CRUSH! Surprising Hacker Note Reveals New 24 Hours Challenge, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hacker! End of Alice’s Tricks and Hacks IRL, then the Real Game Master posted Best Friend Trap! (Spending 24 hours Solving Clues in Escape room) Found Book of Secrets in Library and the Game Master Incorporated made Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge in Disguise! (Spending 24 Hours Solving Tricks and Hacks) Rescue, now Matt has been challenged to play the who knows me better challenge to save and rescue Rebecca’s cousin Maddie from Agent R going on a secret date. If Agent R wins he can take Maddie on a date and Matt cannot attend by spying or wearing a disguise. They answer different questions to see what the truth is. Matt found a tattoo on the Agent just like he did with Alice in the 24 hours in a giant bubble. Matt and the agents do trending tik tok life hacks that are viral. Madde sounds like she might have a secret and wants to go on another first date. One of the best questions was which prank was Maddie’s favorite and Matt chooses dog food prank. Someone keeps on trying to break into the house and it might be Rebecca’s best friend Alice. Who do you think will win? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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