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After Rebecca Zamolo started tricking Matt for 24 hours with my cousin Maddie which was the worst idea. Matt and Rebecca competed in a Giant Backyard Slip N Slide Olympics Challenge and the winner controls what we do for 24 hours. Matt and Rebecca decide to split up to rescue Daniel and finally unlock the secret tunnel. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie are in a hide and seek chase with the gmi agents to get into the secret tunnel first. They finally unlock the tunnel and escape. We aren’t sure if it’s a doomsday bunker or a secret lair. The cousins begin exploring the clues and riddles. Rebecca finds a detective board inside the bunker with clues about Maddie’s crush pretending to like her. Was he lying when he revealed to want to be her boyfriend? We find a mystery box and do an unboxing. Inside it reveals Game Master masks that we used during the giant musical in real life. The Gamemaster starts communicating on the hacked computer with us and reveals this is his Game Master lair. He is trapped inside but we must solve the clues to save him. We use a black light spy gadget to learn how to help him escape. The agents are tricked by Al and start sabotaging us with an earthquake and wind. We find a treasure box with a 4-digit code we need to solve. The agents trick us with heat and smoke. Matt comes to rescue us in his uber disguise. Daniel is missing and we need to find him. Do you think our best friend Daniel has been reactivated by Mr. X? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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