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Rebecca Zamolo competes in the Best Viral TikTok Wins $10,000 challenge to reveal Maddie’s big secret. After Rebecca Zamolo was Spending 24 Hours Straight in the Ocean with Rebecca! (Surviving Hacker Escape Room Trap Overnight), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Escape Hackers Boat to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS vs. Life Hacks in Hidden Secret Room Wins), The Real Game Master uploaded Rebecca Found Secret Code in Hacker Escape Room Trap! Spending 24 Hours in Clues after Battle Royale, the Game Master Incorporated uploaded Game Master Book of Secrets Code Reveal! (Maddie missing after Hacker Hide and Seek Chase), now Rebecca starts the tik tok challenge off with a dance where her best friend helps her learn choreography. Maddie sneaks off and needs to decide when to reveal her big secret. Matt is missing so they must do the video without him. The agents try to recreate one of Rebecca’s most viral tiktoks for instagram. The girls decide pranks on the boys and start with the dandelion prank. Matt decides to go to McDonalds in disguise for a food mukbang and try another tiktok hack He places the burger and fries container on the soda as a holder and it’s genius. I can’t believe these funny life hacks actually work! Maddie and her crush almost have their first kiss on the tiktok but Matt stops it. It becomes a funny awkward situation parents can relate to. The agents start prank wars and get whipped cream in Agent R’s face. While he is gone Maddie is ready to reveal her giant secret. Rebecca cries when she finds out the information about her cousin. Who do you think will win this $10,000 Tik Tok challenge? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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