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Rebecca Zamolo attended a giant comic book Masquerade Ball in real life to save the Game Master. Matt and Rebecca then tried to guess which Youtuber squad tried to break into our house after the comic book party. But before all of that the game master network we had to find out who we can trust to join the gmn. Now in order to get the memory ball Rebecca must face her biggest fear of clowns in an abandoned bowling alley. When Matt, Maddie and BBI all arrive they see that it is closed but the RHS is able to hack into the back lock. Once inside Rebecca’s biggest wish comes true as we have the whole bowling alley to ourselves. However 4 clowns reveal themselves and say they are going to lunch. While the clowns are gone the squad needs to find the clues to get into the safe. Matt calls Daniel and he says to push the button under the flag but it goes wrong. An alarm goes off and they have 15 minutes until lockdown. Everyone splits up to find clues and Maddie has to face her fear of ghosts. Rebecca puts on a clown costume to disguise herself while Matt gets into a battle royale. Can they find the safe in time or will they be trapped forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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