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After Rebecca Zamolo escaped the “Giant ROYAL WEDDING at Haunted HACKER Mansion! (Spending 24 hours Rebecca vs Best Friend Challenge)”, Matt and Rebecca created “We Stole Hacker RV to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS Overnight Escaping Underground Tunnel Test).” The Real Game Master then uploaded “LAST TO LEAVE RV From HACKER MANSION WINS IT Challenge! (RZ Twin Battle vs MR X at Safe House)” next Game Master Incorporated posted “WORST TIKTOK WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE! (Testing viral Life Hacks at Safe House Found RZ Twin Clues),” now the GMI agents decide to set up a casting to find a new best friend for Rebecca. Rebecca is still upset because her ex best friend betrayed her and her cousin Maddie moved to Australia. Agent R wants to find a new crush to take on a first date and flirts with all the girls. Rebecca decides to go undercover in disguise to the audition to find the truth about each girl. It becomes an awkward situation when one of them reveals she has a pet rat inside her pocket. Matt doesn’t trust any of the girls and thinks some might have attended the giant royal wedding at the hacker mansion. Inside the audition the agents make each girl do a tiktok dance and put them in funny situations to see how they’ll react. On the secret spy camera someone tricks the other girl while doing gymnastics and frames her. Matt and the agents get suspicious about Lily and find out her true identity. Rebecca is auditioning to become her own best friend. The agents try a prank on her as a punishment. When she finally tells the truth Matt and Rebecca decide to set up a lie detector in the lobby. Matt chooses the wrong mixture and its the sleep cloud. Which girl can we trust? Are any of them a spy from the GMI? Has the real game master been found yet? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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