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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo Surprise Daniel with a Brand New Tesla for his birthday and it gets emotional.

After Rebecca Zamolo wore a disguise for 24 hours to trick the gmi Matt and Rebecca now need to keep on tracking the agents to find more clues. It is Daniels birthday and he has always wanted a brand new car so Matt and Rebecca Zamolo decide to pull off the best prank and have him trapped in a telsa for 24 hours. When we first see him he is spying on an agent at Starbucks. When they check on what’s inside they see him sleeping. Hopefully this doesn’t last overnight and turn into a challenge at 3am. Rebecca makes up a pretend note to trick their best friend Daniel to go to the telsa car dealership. He follows Rebecca and they see a clue to go to location 60. Once they arrive at the car Daniel gets inside and starts exploring. One of the workers comes over and pranks him by saying he has to buy the car. Once we reveal that we bought it for him he gets emotional and Rebecca starts crying. They soon realize the agent got away. Daniel pulls up the GPS tracking device and it looks like he is there. They need to follow before he escapes again. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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