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After Rebecca Zamolo found the best hiding spot! Hide and seek with Game Master inside giant fun house to trick red hood hacker! Matt and Rebecca uploaded rescuing hypnotized RZ Twin from hacker! (Battle Royale in Real life vs. Game Master Spy) and we had to trap her in an extreme hide and seek challenge like Morgz. The twins played a twin telepathy challenge where they tried to pick the up the same spy gadgets and ninja gadgets. Since the RZ Twin was still hypnotized, she pretended to be working for the GM but we know we can’t trust her. Thankfully, Daniel from the real game master network brought the mysterious mixture that he created with the antidote and gave it to her. The mixture worked and the girls completed the exact same ninja training moves in unison! It was like they were solving Game Master Clues in Real life. When they both did gymnastics moves Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel knew they were ready to take her out of her handcuffs for 24 hours. The lie detector mixture worked and now they need to do a face reveal of the Real Game Master Network. However, the Red Hood hacked into Matt’s phone and their dog is now Missing. Can they find him in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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