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Rebecca makes slime with her 3 year old nephew and the results are amazing. Their reaction to making slime for the first time is priceless as it is ...Read more

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Did the Cheetos or Doritos Slime without borax win? Thumbs up this video if you want us to dump it on each other's head! And check out the video we ...Read more

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I love making slime and trying other DIY's but glow in the dark slime is crazy. Check this out and see how do it yourself. Make Sure To Hit the ...Read more

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March 31 2017 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Thumbs up this video if it was satisfying watching us make Magnetic Slime, Crunchy Slime, Galaxy Slime, Orbeez Slime, and Pearl Slime! Be sure to ch...Read more

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Its so nice to meet others like Jojo who are obsessed with slime as much as Rebecca and I are. Check out the video we did on Jojo's Channel to see ...Read more

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