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We take our first trip to Hawaii and it is not what we thought it would be. Have you been to Hawaii? It looks amazing but we just can't do it like...Read more

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I Almost Forgot The Flowers!!!

February 15 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

I made a huge mistake and not sure how I can fix it. I am sorry. Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on Our Notifications SHARE THIS VIDEO - https://yo...Read more

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Matt tries to do Gymnastics a the Bratalyey Gymnastics Meet at Disneyland. See how he fails or doesn't fail! Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on Our...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try to make a DIY backwards fluffy slime with tide pods in this comp. They used only ingredients with no borax. See who wins. M...Read more

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Rebecca takes my phone and I can't believe she found this on my it. I am shocked and a little surprised as I didn't expect this. Make Sure To H...Read more

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Rebecca finally sings for everyone in this first ever husband and wife sing-off challenge. See who wins... Make Sure To Hit the & Turn on Our Notifi...Read more

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SLIME DISASTER, Moldy Slime in our PO Box! (Day 3)

January 3 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We unbox a ton of slime and we stumble upon a slime disaster as we have moldy slime in our PO box. Have you ever tried to fix moldy slime? Watch Reb...Read more

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Fake Snake Prank on my Wife's Mom! (Hilarious Reaction)

December 23 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try the Fake Snake Prank on Rebecca's Mom. It was hilarious to see her reaction to a snake following her around. Make Sure To Hit t...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try the real food vs. jelly bean holiday food taste test challenge. It was delicious and surprising how much the jelly beans taste...Read more

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We try the boyfriend / girlfriend buys my outfit challenge but has husband and wife. This was hilarious to see what each other would purchase and tr...Read more

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