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We Didn't Want To Do This. (Emotional)

January 9 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We really didn't want to do this but it got a little emotional. Please be prepared to cry. Make Sure To Hit the  & Turn on Our Notifications S...Read more

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We have been waiting to share this with you!

December 30 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

Finally we can share this video with you. Thank you for everything and your support this year. You are amazing! Music by - @randyemata Make Sur...Read more

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This game is hilarious and really keeps you guessing. Have you guys tried Toilet Trouble Game? Straight comedy and is fun to see the reaction! M...Read more

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I can't believe how awesome this app is especially when you can get your dog in the mix. Rebecca's reaction when we try to get Peanuts face is my f...Read more

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Fun Day at the Beach! (Day 118)

April 29 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

When we first decided to do this photo shoot I didn't think this would happen.... Make sure to check out 60out for some of the best escape rooms....Read more

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April 25 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

So much fun filming some videos with JoJo especially when she tried to perform surgery at the park. Also we stopped by Jay's place for his birthday!...Read more

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We try to do some gymnastics challenges at the ALDC where they film dance moms. Also, was able to jam out with Mackenzie Sol. Make Sure To Hit t...Read more

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April 19 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

Trying this DIY Lava lamp was pretty cool. Do you guys like me doing experiments like these? Let me know what you want me to do next... Make Sure...Read more

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We totally surprised her and the reaction was priceless. I stressed out trying to make this happen but it was totally worth it. Make Sure To Hit...Read more

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I love making slime and trying other DIY's but glow in the dark slime is crazy. Check this out and see how do it yourself. Make Sure To Hit the ...Read more

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