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Rebecca Zamolo and her funny best friends become nerds. First Rebecca Zamolo created "crying with the door locked to see how my friends react." Next...Read more

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Rebecca had to go to the emergency room after her accident. First Rebecca Zamolo created "Preston crashed our prom inside our house!" Next Matt and ...Read more

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Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!

May 2 2021 , by Matt and Rebecca

I can't believe Preston challenged us to do this. It all started when Matt and Rebecca created "Rebecca Said YES!" Then Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Pre...Read more

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Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!

May 1 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

First Rebecca Zamolo created "I got proposed to on a unicorn for prom!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca said yes!" Finally the Game Master...Read more

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Our best friend’s dream came true for his birthday for 24 hours. Rebecca Zamolo recently tried surprising my twin best friend with a bad haircut for...Read more

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Rebecca is Hypnotized in Big, Medium, Small BITE CHALLENGE!

November 30 2020 , by Game Master Network

First, Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Giant Robin Hood In Real Life Musical to Rescue Missing Dog! Matt and Rebecca then tried Rescuing Our Missing Dog Wi...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo finally uploaded Flintstones in Real Life But 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Matt and Rebecca then created Real Food Vs Mini Brand...Read more

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First, Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Giant INCREDIBLES But in Real Life Game PART 2! That was right after Matt and Rebecca played Among Us In Real Life Bu...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo created Among Us In Real Life Official Music Video! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Rich Date Vs Broke Date Challenge with New Imposte...Read more

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First, Rebecca Zamolo created Giant Among Us But We’re Pregnant in Real Life with Royalty Family! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded We Surprised Maddie...Read more

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