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Teaching Rosie How to Make Fluffy Slime!

April 30 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Rebecca meets Sofie Grace's cousin Rosie for the first time and she shows her how to make slime with no borax. Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on O...Read more

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Rebecca and Matt Try Filling Up a Giant Wubble Bubble Full of Slime and Gelli to see if it will hold up and then take a leaf blower to blow it up. ...Read more

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Mixing and Fixing All of Rebecca's Giant Slime!

March 28 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt makes Rebecca mix all of her slime because it is taking over the house. She has fluffy, crunchy, butter, cereal and many other times of DIY sl...Read more

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Testing and Unboxing Fan DIY Giant Slime Kits

March 13 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We try testing and unboxing fan's slime kits and they are giant. Rebecca received a large amount of slime from fans that she turned into a giant art...Read more

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My Giant DIY Slime Art Using Fan’s Slime I unboxed and mixed slime fan’s sent to my PO Box then tried to do it yourself giant art mural. In this edu...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try and test out the Karina Garcia Bath Bomb Kit with the Rosana Pansino Cookie Molds to see if their shapes will work. Will this ...Read more

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Learn how to make diy slime food vs squishy food in this squishy vs slime challenge video. Kids vs adults (not sisters) compete in this do it yourse...Read more

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Rebecca tries her home made butter slime vs. the Nickelodeon Slime Kit which makes Galaxy rainbow unicorn clear glitter slime. Rebecca usually makes...Read more

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Recreating Oscar Outfits using only DIY Slime is a challenge especially with no borax. Slime Clothes vs. Real Clothes, how did we do? The Academy ...Read more

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DiY Metalic Slime Using Only Makeup Products!

February 22 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We visit Tarte Cosmetics in New York and they have a whole butter, fluffy, cloud slime set up for Rebecca and she uses Makeup which turns out to be ...Read more

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