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Mystery Wheel of Dares Challenge (you decide)

June 7 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try the mystery spin the wheel husband vs. wife. In this game they have to do different dares that fans sent in. Who will win? Al...Read more

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Eric and Rebecca show you how to make amazing and perfect musical.ly transitions in the app along with other tricks and hacks to make your musical.l...Read more

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Watch - We Almost Got Kicked Out of Forever 21 - Instagram Photoshoot with Sofie Dossi - https://youtu.be/2XdxZ3wAO_E I went on a treasure hunt in ...Read more

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I pranked David Dobrik at Playlist Orlando in a hilarious disguise for a day! ▶ Help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve Game Master clues! https://bit.ly...Read more

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We Recreated Fan's Cringy Musical.lys Again!

April 29 2018 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Watch me find the hidden mystery box in my house - https://youtu.be/xw7g-DFkrq4 We recreated fan’s cringy musical.lys and tried to copy their dance ...Read more

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FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE in Real Life (at Playlist)

April 28 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Rebecca and Matt try doing the Fortnite emote dances in real life while at Playlist Live in Orlando. See how Rebecca does on the Floss dance and in...Read more

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No one could see Rebecca's Musical.lys on her page and it looks like she was hacked again. She might leave the app if this continues... The link f...Read more

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While on a road trip we recreate your musical.lys in the car. It gets a little cringy, actually really cringey. Make Sure To Hit the & Turn on Our N...Read more

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I really can't believe this is a thing but welcome to the private vides we never intended on showing on our musical.lys. Make Sure To Hit the ? &...Read more

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Reacting to Fan’s Cringy Musical.lys! Thanks to all of you in the ZamFam that submitted your musically videos. I answered your questions for today’s...Read more

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