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July 10 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

Who can last the longest without smiling in this last to smile challenge. My Friends have been smiling way too much and it's time they know that. ...Read more

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Surviving Every Extreme Challenge Not Pregnant

March 30 2022 , by Rebecca Zamolo

This might be a bad idea for Rebecca Zamolo. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "I Opened The Worlds First MrBeast Candy Store." Next Matt a...Read more

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First, Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Next, Rebecca Zamolo tried Sneaking I...Read more

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Game Master Network App - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1519507088 After Rebecca Zamolo was caught in a giant inside out moving in real life for ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try to not smash the expensive mystery box with the iphone in it but found something they did not expect. There was something hidd...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try a water balloon game where they each take turns hiding in the box while the other person throws Water Balloons filled with Dye....Read more

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You have seen our 3am videos before so we thought we would purchase a Meter and try searching for ghosts at Shawn & Andrews House and they caught .....Read more

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Try Not to Laugh or Grin Challenge! (Hilarious Vines)

January 13 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try the Try Not To Laugh Challenge with hilarious vines of kids. Have you done any of these before or watched them? Let us know a...Read more

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We try science experiments at 3am. I highly recommend you do not try this. This is not clickbait. When we watched the footage back there were some...Read more

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Rebecca tries to jump off of a balcony at the Leblanc's house. Do not try this at home kids. Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on Our Notifications ...Read more

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