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July 10 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

Who can last the longest without smiling in this last to smile challenge. My Friends have been smiling way too much and it's time they know that. ...Read more

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We need to get Rebecca to the emergency room because her water broke! It all started when Rebecca Zamolo fainted after pregnancy reveal. Next Matt ...Read more

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We Escape the Quadrant to help the Game Master! Get your Merch - https://rebeccazamolo.com/ After Rebecca Zamolo made Surviving GAME MASTER in th...Read more

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Real Food Vs. Astronaut Food (Ice Cream & More)

May 4 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try real food vs. astronaut food the ice cream. They try and taste tested mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, ice cream sandwic...Read more

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We try and test the new starbucks cold foam drinks and they let me invent a new drink on the secret menu. Can you guess what it is? Make Sure To H...Read more

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We Bought a Stranger's Diary on Ebay! (Emotional)

March 4 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We could not believe how emotionally attached we would get to reading a strangers diary purchased on ebay. Its not the same as opening a mystery box...Read more

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We Are Cringy! – Recreating Fan's Musical.lys

March 3 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

The cringe is officially real as we try to recreate fans musical.lys. It gets out of hand with our musically cringy when we attempt to do this. A lo...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try and test crazy and hilarious amazon products including a dog carrier, funny mask, and squishes. Make Sure To Hit the & Turn on ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca try the famous buzz feed video trend of trying same color food combinations like strawberries and ketchup, mustard and bananas and ...Read more

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I had my husband Matt Slays take a Lie Detector test for Marriage Monday while I asked him questions you guys in the ZamFam sent me which reveal if ...Read more

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