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First, Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Trapped with Evil Twin in Barbie Escape Room for 24 Hours!" Next Matt and Rebecca created "Extreme Car Chase To Reve...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo is emotional when her cousin Maddie leaves the GMN. Our new Game Master Network App! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1519507088 Reb...Read more

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I, Rebecca Zamolo, switched places with RZ twin for 24 hours to open a dominos in our house. Matt and Rebecca then learned RZ twin betrayed us while...Read more

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We open a dominos in our new house but RZ twin betrayed the game master network! It first started when Rebecca Zamolo did a best friend challenge ...Read more

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When Rebecca Zamolo copied Sofie Dossi for 24 hours in a best friend challenge it was a bad idea. Then Matt's best friend is missing so we have to u...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo and Sofie Dossi are twins for this 24 hour challenge to reveal her crush! We are handcuffed as twins on Sofie Dossi channel https://...Read more

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