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Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt Slays ate the world's hottest gummy bear. This is 4 times hotter than the one chip challenge. @FaZe Rug if you ...Read more

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Surviving The Scariest School For My Daughter

October 23 2022 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo is trying to survive the world's scariest school. If Rebecca wants to protect her daughter during scary season and give her the best...Read more

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Overnight in the Worlds Most Dangerous Bed

October 3 2022 , by The Game Master

Matt Slays was challenged by his wife Rebecca Zamolo to spend overnight in the worlds most dangerous bed. If he can stay Matt will overcome his fea...Read more

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LAST to LEAVE World's WORST Pool Wins

May 12 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

Who will be the last to survive the world's grossest pool? It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted "BUYING Everything in ONE COLOR for my Daughte...Read more

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We Built the Worlds Largest DIY Slingshot

April 21 2022 , by Matt and Rebecca

Will it work? It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Poor Girl SHAMED at PROM, Ending is Shocking." Then Matt and Rebecca made "Last To Leave La...Read more

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I Opened The Worlds First MrBeast Candy Store

March 26 2022 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo opens a MrBeast candy store and gives it away for free. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "Poor Girl Adopted by Billionaire...Read more

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Who will win this giant worlds largest board game challenge? It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "We Became GIRL SCOUTS for the Day- Best Fr...Read more

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July 18 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo surprises her best friend with the world's largest DIY pop it. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston and Brianna cont...Read more

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First Rebecca Zamolo created "Game Master Sent Us Back to Detention for 24 Hours." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "BODY SWAP! Matt and Maddie Accide...Read more

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First, Rebecca Zamolo played AMONG US in Real Life But In Tiny DOLLHOUSE! Then, Matt and Rebecca posted Rescuing Our Missing Dog With Best Friend Af...Read more

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