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Daniel is trapped and we need to rescue him! First Rebecca Zamolo created “GIANT CARNIVAL PARTY IN REAL LIFE.” Next Matt and Rebecca made “THE TRUTH – Lie Detector Test on Maddie to Confess New Secret.” Finally the Game Master Network posted “An Evil Piggy Got Rebecca, Roblox Game in Real Life.” Now we know that Daniel is in trouble. We need to rescue him. We know he is in one of 3 locations we just don’t know which one for sure. The group splits up and tries to search and spy to find out which location is correct. When they find Daniel he is in an escape room van. We need to solve these clues and riddles to get him out. Do you think this master plan will work? Why was he trapped and can we trust Maddie still? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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