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Daniel is trapped and we need to rescue him! First Rebecca Zamolo created "GIANT CARNIVAL PARTY IN REAL LIFE." Next Matt and Rebecca made "THE TRUTH...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo hosts a giant carnival in her house but what happens next will shock you. Rebecca Zamolo recently created "100 Mystery Buttons Only O...Read more

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Daniel is so Sus right now but what happens next is shocking. I can't believe Daniel is the Game Master! It all started when Rebecca Zamolo uploade...Read more

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100K Likes and Matt will get Slimed! Maddie gets in a battle royale and is defeated. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "Sneaking into Giant...Read more

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Where is Daniel? Rebecca Zamolo sneaks into an abandoned carnival for 24 hours to solve the mystery of clue the creepy clown. It started when Rebec...Read more

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There is something in our carnival food. It started when Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Am I Pregnant? If You Lie the Balloon Will Pop." Next Matt and Re...Read more

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