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Where is Daniel? Rebecca Zamolo sneaks into an abandoned carnival for 24 hours to solve the mystery of clue the creepy clown. It started when Rebecca Zamolo uploaded “Am I Pregnant? If You Lie the Balloon Will Pop.” Next Matt and Rebecca created “giant vs tiny carnival food for 24 hours.” Finally the Game Master Network made “$10 Vs $1000 Summer Camp Challenge by Game Master Spies.” Now Rebecca and her best friends Matt and Maddie are at an abandoned carnival for the next 24 hours. First Rebecca needs to sneak in. Once inside the squad has to split up to find out how to get into the funhouse. Once the challenges are complete the funhouse is unlocked and kingpins mask inside. After spying on a secret meeting they will have to battle royale their way into the carnival inner circle. Do you think this plan will work? Can Rebecca survive 24 hours overnight at an abandoned carnival? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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