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Rebecca Zamolo confronts her best friend Alice to see if she’s a liar!

After I, Rebecca Zamolo played Tinder In Real Life Dating Game To Find New CRUSH! (Best Friend GMI Agent Missing), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Is Alice’s Dad the Hackers Leader (Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing GMI Agent) EXTREME Clue, then the Real Game Master created Best Friend Trap! (Spending 24 hours Solving Clues in Escape room) Found Book of Secrets in Library. Now Rebecca Zamolo must confront her best friend and decide is she can trust her to find the missing GMI agent. Her cousin (not twin) Maddie thinks Alice is a liar and wants to help Rebecca. They must pretend to be Alice’s best friend and not reveal the pages they took from the book of secrets in the escape room. We hope searching for Agent R doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge. While walking on the mystery trail the best friends perform the best friend song they did at the rewind musical. Maddie leaves bon bons so Matt can find them. Rebecca and Maddie try to make viral tik tok trends videos while Matt and Daniel use the tracking device to spy on them. While spying on the Hacker Alice, Matt and Daniel come up with a master plan to defeat Mr. X. Alice leads them to an abandoned cave and tries to trick them by revealing the missing agent and a huge surprise is awaiting them. Will they be able to escape before they are trapped? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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