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These are the official music videos from the Rebecca Zamolo Holiday special. Including Squid Game in real life the music video. Next is Giant Pop...Read more

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The Official BABY GENDER REVEAL of Rebecca Zamolo

November 6 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo reveals her baby gender- is it a boy or a girl. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "Playing SQUID GAME In Real Life for Gen...Read more

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September 4 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

This is the official Game Master movie. Rebecca and her best friends are trapped in a Haunted Mansion but they didn't realize it was a movie all al...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo learned Matt is a liar in Last to Stop New Years Resolution wins challenge. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Rebecca is Dizzy, Last to ...Read more

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These families had no idea my big surprise! It started when Rebecca Zamolo had the Worst Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Party! Next Matt and R...Read more

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Tricking Maddie's Ex Crush for 24 Hours Challenge!

December 17 2020 , by Rebecca Zamolo

First Rebecca Zamolo tried saying yes to Maddie for 24 hours challenge to trick ex crush! That was right before Matt and Rebecca created crashing ka...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo competed in the don’t choose the wrong snow slide challenge to save RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca then created Last to Leave the giant bl...Read more

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I, Rebecca Zamolo, performed Giant Robin Hood In Real Life Musical to Rescue Missing Dog! Then, Matt and Rebecca posted Rescuing Our Missing Dog Wit...Read more

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It started when I, Rebecca Zamolo, uploaded Flintstones in Real Life But 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Then Matt and Rebecca created Real Food V...Read more

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Things got emotional when we learned Rebecca was having surgery. Rebecca created a giant incredibles in real life game part 2 and stopped the Hallo...Read more

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