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Rebecca Zamolo competed in the don’t choose the wrong snow slide challenge to save RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca then created Last to Leave the giant block of Ice wins challenge. The Game Master network learned RZ Twin is Missing and we hope she isn’t hypnotized. Rebecca’s best friends throw her a How the Grinch stole Christmas party for 10 million subscribers. As the mayor of Whoville Daniel sets up the town and creates the perfect gift to give to his best friend Rebecca. Matt gives his wife a 10,000,000 subscriber cake but almost fails. Finally her cousin and very close twin gives her a giant balloon craft but it turns out to be a terrible trick and prank. Who is sabotaging everything? It feels like there is an imposter among us. When the squad realizes what is going on Daniel hears foot steps upstairs. Rebecca, Maddie, Daniel and Matt all sneak upstairs and are surprised to find the Grinch in Rebecca’s new house. Its like they are doing a house tour. Could it be Robbie Rob, Maddie’s ex crush? Could it be the second best hacker Zoe or maybe it is Matt’s best friend. Who will it be and can they stop the Grinch stole Christmas? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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