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The Girls can't find out about this. First Rebecca Zamolo created "MADDIE CAN'T GRADUATE - Face Reveal of Double Agent at Graduation." Next Matt and...Read more

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I Built a SECRET Hidden DOLLHOUSE in my HOUSE!

May 29 2021 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca finds an epic hidden dollhouse in her room. First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Saying yes to Abby Lee for 24 hours in a dance moms challenge." N...Read more

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My Best Friend Daniel Getting Married in Minecraft?

April 22 2021 , by Matt and Rebecca

Daniel is getting married in Minecraft to another hacker after Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "If You LIE You Have To REMOVE A LAYER OF CLOTHING - Lie Dete...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo is mean to her cousin and instantly regrets it. First Rebecca Zamolo created “We hired a real ghost hunter to investigate my haunted ...Read more

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Bad timing to play hide and seek in real life. Rebecca Zamolo created becoming tiny in a giant town for 24 hours. Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded we...Read more

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First, Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Next, Rebecca Zamolo tried Sneaking I...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo learned Matt is a liar in Last to Stop New Years Resolution wins challenge. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Rebecca is Dizzy, Last to ...Read more

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These families had no idea my big surprise! It started when Rebecca Zamolo had the Worst Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Party! Next Matt and R...Read more

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Tricking Maddie's Ex Crush for 24 Hours Challenge!

December 17 2020 , by Rebecca Zamolo

First Rebecca Zamolo tried saying yes to Maddie for 24 hours challenge to trick ex crush! That was right before Matt and Rebecca created crashing ka...Read more

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First, I, Rebecca Zamolo created surprising her best friends with a face reveal of the grinch who stole Christmas. Matt and Rebecca then made Last...Read more

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