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First Rebecca Zamolo tried saying yes to Maddie for 24 hours challenge to trick ex crush! That was right before Matt and Rebecca created crashing karaoke contest at RHS hospital and confronting RZ twin. Before that the Game Master Network found out we can’t stop RZ twin! Searching for missing gem battle royal. Now in order to get our enemy to work with us we must trick Maddie’s ex boyfriend, well crush, for 24 hours. If we are successful we can finally make a plan to put on a musical at our house to trap kingpin. It will be difficult but whoever has the best trick or hack wins. Matt has the biggest plan with a giant snake inside the movie theater. It will be like trying to sneak a snake into the movie theater, but our enemy will be inside. Do you think we can pull this off or will it turn into another food challenge. The security cameras will catch everything and reveal whats inside each trick. Rebecca is sus on her husband Matt who keeps on talking to a girl and working with his mysterious new best friend. Can we trust Matt? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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