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These families had no idea my big surprise!
It started when Rebecca Zamolo had the Worst Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Party! Next Matt and Rebecca surprising school teachers with $100,000. Finally the game master network found out that Matt’s Best Friend is Hypnotized in Hot vs Sweet vs Sour Challenge! Now in order to weaken king pin’s mask and powers we must show giant acts of generosity. If we can set up the zoom call with the zamfam and allow them to give back to others it might be the trick. It could be a Christmas miracle if we paid off our subscribers rent for a year or even $10,000. Maddie is searching for dead spots in the house to make sure no one can be hypnotized in the zamfam by kingpins mask. Do you think we will hack into the system in time or will it turn into a battle royale. At least we don’t have to play minecraft or among us in real life to escape. Finally Maddie has to make a decision if she is going to move out or not. This might change everything forever! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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