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It started when I, Rebecca Zamolo, uploaded Flintstones in Real Life But 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Then Matt and Rebecca created Real Food Vs Mini Brands Challenge But in Real Life! Finally the Game Master network posted a 5 Ways to Sneak Spy Gadgets into the Movie Theater! Now in order to figure out which charities the kingpin stole money from we need to play among us in real life with our enemies. Since they already wear masks a masquerade ball is the right challenge game. The game master helped Maddie hack by using our sink as a spy gadget. Maddie uses hacks to find the secret location they are doing the exchange. It is at the same mansion as Hocus Pocus in real life. Rebecca is able to be the imposter but if the Halloween Hacker wins he gets to see the gems. Mr Nice Guy for some reason wants to take Matt’s best friend Peanut. If our dog goes missing Matt will be so mad. Rebecca has everyone do a tik tok dance and take photos just like a masquerade ball. Do you think this plan will work or will it come down to a battle royale? All we know is that everyone is very sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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