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After Matt and Rebecca tried “Last To Leave The Shower Wins $10,000 Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hackers” Rebecca Zamolo competed in “Extreme Trust Challenge Off Balcony In Real Life! (Rebecca Vs. Game Master Agents)” and the Real Game Master uploaded “Can You Beat This Girl at Arm Wrestling? (Final Game with Surprising End to Tunnel System Mystery)” and won. Now it is finally time to get into the tunnel. Right before we go in we see there is smoke inside. Also, someone is trapped in the room next to the bottom. Who is this mysterious person? We need to make diy face masks to protect ourselves and get the final backpack to get into the tunnel. It looks like the agent stole it. When we go to confront them we spy on a secret meeting. Agent R is now missing. When we try to make the masks it is difficult because it turns into a hide and seek chase with Agent S who is trying to trap everyone know as well. We have the final backpack and the lock code and need to escape into the tunnel. Will Matt and Rebecca be able to do this in time and can Daniel rescue them before they make a mistake? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Gamemaster Spy Ninja Video Here


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