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The best Rebecca Zamolo songs and new official music video performances.

After Rebecca Zamolo found out My BEST FRIEND Lost Her Memory, Prank or Real Challenge to Reveal TRUTH and Matt and Rebecca uploaded 24 Hour Game Master Music Video Challenge, Name Reveal of Best Friend and they performed every song in the rewind musical. The Game Master Network had 24 hours to help Rebecca’s best friend remember her real name. Daniel hacks into a server to find secret numbers that we have hidden inside each video. The GMN starts their first music video by talking about how to spy, hide and seek, hack and battle royale at 3am. The rap battle becomes a diss track when Alice teases her crush and the rest of the agents. The GMI sneaks inside the safe house for the sneaking in song to spy on Rebecca and Matt. Rebecca performs her best friend song with Alice to help get her memory back. The agents don’t think they can trust Alice so Matt and Rebecca try to get a name reveal with a lie detector song. The Real Game Master raps with the other agents and GMN wearing a GM disguise. The Last song was a dance routine at the beach. Did you see the spy camera that showed Mr. X escaped the prison that we trapped him in? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!
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Songs in this video include:
The Rewind
Game Master Network
Sign the Contract
Sneaking In
Best Friend Song
Rap Battle
What’s Your Name (Name Reveal)
The Switch
What If

Choreography- Wilking Sisters

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Gamemaster Spy Ninja Video Here Published 2020-01-05 15:24:24


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