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I transformed my husband into a Unicorn and tried following a DIY Wengie hair tutorial. Easy and simple easy hair dye for medium, long or short hair. I tried this temporary, easy wash out hair dye that is perfect for school, holidays, spring break, or an event like prom. The unicorn colors are similar to DIY Unicorn slime and are so fun and vibrant. The hair chalk can be worn with any hairstyle on both men and women and is very fashionable.

The first DIY color I used for this tutorial was hot pink chalk and I put the chalk on my husband’s hair at the top then used a brush to blend the color with my hair. I used Wengie’s hair tip of using oil to make sure the DIY color didn’t dry out my ends.

The second DIY hair dye I used was vibrant blue and I tried to put it all over the ends of his hair then used a brush to blend in the diy color blue up towards the pink. I decided to do his full head since I was able to be a hairstylist and see everything.

The final DIY color I used for this Wengie inspired hairstyle on my husband was purple and I tried to put the DIY color in between the pink and the blue to complete the full DIY Unicorn look.

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