We finally found and trapped the person living in our House! After Rebecca Zamolo posted "Best April Fools Day Pranks Wins $10,000 Challenge! Prank...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo tries the best DIY pranks from 123 Go! and 5 Minute Crafts in this husband vs wife challenge! Rebecca Zamolo had to spend 24 hours i...Read more

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HOW TO MUSiCAL.LY Gymnastics with the RYBKA TWiNS

January 3 2020 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo and the Rybka twins tried making each musically while doing gymnastics and acrobatics for this challenge. Rebecca has training is as ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo is the first to build the world's biggest diy water slide using only giant legos in her backyard. Rebecca Zamolo wanted to try and ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca DIY a Giant Bridge made out of boxes and other household items. After Rebecca Zamolo played hide and seek with the hacker at the...Read more

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Vanity Planet Amazing Skin Spa System Get it for 70% off use code GETSPA at http://vpwow.com/getspa Matt and Rebecca try doing husbands make up......Read more

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Opening our PO Box while Handcuffed for the Day!

June 5 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca open their po box while handcuffed for 24 hours for the day. They both try as husband and wife to combine and mix a giant smoothie...Read more

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Diy Squishy with only 3 Markers!

May 22 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try the Do it yourself Squishies 3 marker game. They had to make the color match what was in their creative mind. Watch Rebecca...Read more

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Teaching Rosie How to Make Fluffy Slime!

April 30 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Rebecca meets Sofie Grace's cousin Rosie for the first time and she shows her how to make slime with no borax. Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on O...Read more

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We try and test the new starbucks cold foam drinks and they let me invent a new drink on the secret menu. Can you guess what it is? Make Sure To H...Read more

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