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Rebecca has previous experience training as a Mom when she was babysitting the Familia Diamond kids. On the plane people think she’s pregnant and asks her to do a gender reveal. People think she’s the worst mom when she orders sushi and the couple fight over boy names and girl names. We go into a mysterious car with our Matt and Rebecca name inside and the GPS leads them to their hotel. Do you think the GMI is secretly spying on the couple? Daniel arrives at the hotel and is surprised at Rebecca’s pregnancy belly, which he thinks is real. She continues the prank him and goes outside on a waterslide into the water. Finally they decide to head back inside and find a mysterious GMI card on the table. The card reveals they must be first to escape to win the $10,000 hotel room. Who do you think dropped off the card?

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Rebecca Zamolo has the WORST time traveling pregnant for 24 hours after she wins a trip to Hawaii from the Game Master Inc. Watch my next video I Became a Mermaid for a Day!


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