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Rebecca Zamolo realized that Maddie Faces Her Biggest Fear of Ghosts in Abandoned Ghost Town! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded a rich date vs broke date challenge with new imposter crush! The Game Master network finally created Maddie is Emotional After New Crush Betrays Her. Now in order to get the incredigem back Matt comes up with a plan to battle royale and distract with a giant game of angry birds in real life. If this challenge is a success we can trick the RHS to getting back our best friend and the gem to protect our new house. Matt gets into a battle royale but loses his keys. Maddie runs in a fast wins challenge. Rebecca teaches the spys a quick trending tick tok dance.
In order to get everything back they play angry birds in real life. Rebecca however sneaks away and found out information about the halloween hackers evil plan. If we can escape in time we might have to become incredibles in real life to save the day again. Do you think this plan will work or will we be trapped forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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