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Upon arriving back at the cabin a mysterious man is waiting to greet them. He tells them he was sent by the GMI to congratulate us with a gift basket of Starbucks products. We aren’t sure if we trust him but we decide to continue with the challenge. This game is like Fortnite and each round gets smaller and tinier. Matt tricks them and spills water on their snacks while Rebecca tries to stay hidden on the giant waterslide during the battle royale. Daniel becomes eliminated when they prank him with coffee and he leaves the inflatable slide. Finally it becomes a husband vs wife challenge in the giant pool. Rebecca and Matt try not to fall into the water but it gets cold. Rebecca falls for the Matt prank when she agrees to split the $10,000 and she leaves the water. Why do you think the GMI wants to erase the Game Master and can we trust them to tell the truth?

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Rebecca Zamolo and the game master network played the last to leave backyard challenge to win $10,000 and a mysterious GMI man showed up.


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