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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are separated and must get out of the tiny escape room to stop the event date plans.

After Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt were separated for 24 hours Matt was handcuffed into a tiny room. The GMI locked the door and Matt has to discover the clue in the room to help him escape. Inside there is a computer with a hidden camera on Rebecca and Daniel. Matt can communicate with them but only through a pipe that makes his voice change. Matt tries to solve the riddles but its not working. Daniel found a mystery candle that unlocked a device into Matt’s Room. Matt throws the device back and told them not to look into the light. When it lands in the other room they look into the light and are now blind for 24 hours. Matt finally escapes but unlocking the key and is reunited with his wife. They discover clues to get through the Dracula coffin passageway. When they get into the final room it looks like it is a master control room. Daniel finds a scanner which sets off the alarm. Two GMI agents show up and trap them. Can they escape with the briefcases in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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