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It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted Creepy Doll Surprises Rebecca with Punishments for 24 Hours! Right before that Matt and Rebecca created Hot vs Cold Creepy Doll Halloween Challenge! Girls on fire Vs Icy Boy! That was after the game master network uploaded 5 Ways to Destroy A Creepy Doll! Now Matt has a secret he has to keep when the doll surprises him for 24 hours. First he believes he destroys it but the doll keeps reappearing. It gets extreme when Matt is driving to his secret meeting and the doll shows up and starts driving him. Could this be real or is it in real life. Matt keeps the secret from his wife until he gets trapped in a moving container. Finally he calls Mr X and has him meet at the house to give him his power back. Once that is complete he traps the creepy doll in the back forever and Mr X promises to do one more favor later. Could he help make Daniel good again? Is there a giant mystery happening right before us like in Clue. Can we trust Mr X or do we need him to do a lie detector test and tell the truth? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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