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Slime Controls My Life for 24 Hours

January 18 2023 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo has to do what ever the slime says even if it means breaking her leg from an acrobatic dare. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo post...Read more

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December 23 2022 , by The Game Master

Who can last longer in one color of slime? Will this last 24 hours or will Matt's pranks get him through the challenge? It all started when Rebecca...Read more

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Right after Rebecca Zamolo made Extreme PAUSE Challenge w/ Lilly K from Dance Moms! (Abby Lee Miller Secrets Reveal), Matt and Rebecca created Creep...Read more

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It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted Creepy Doll Surprises Rebecca with Punishments for 24 Hours! Right before that Matt and Rebecca created Ho...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo try destroying Zoe's iPhone SE with the Tesla and other satisfying spy gadgets. After escaping the lake of secrets Matt an...Read more

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After Rebecca Zamolo played a giant ghostbusters game in real life to trap real ghost! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Daniel is missing at the Lake ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays use Ghostbusters disguises in their new house to save her best friend!   Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt Slays fin...Read more

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Matt rescues Rosanna Pansino while searching for clues and found the RZ Twin. After Rebecca Zamolo tried pranking her husband for 24 hours the RZ ...Read more

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I Spy Rebecca Zamolo and Matt while searching for clues after the fastest GM Spy is missing for 24 hours overnight. Get your merch | www.rebeccaza...Read more

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Mystery Wheel of Slime Vs. Smoothie Challenge!

June 18 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca try taking on the mystery wheel of slime vs. smoothie challenge. They both spin the wheel to see what ingredients will be out in e...Read more

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