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After Rebecca Zamolo Turned Our Safe House into a Giant BARBIE Dream Home! (Worst DIY Crafts Boys vs Girls Challenge), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)” The Real Game Master created RZ Twin is in Trouble! Spending 24 Hours with Game Master In Real Life Hacker Escape Room Prank, then the Game Master incorporated posted “Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge While Spying on Secret Meeting with Game Master Network in Haunted” and escaped. Now Matt and Rebecca get in an argument over spending 24 hours in the tesla instead of buying her dream house. Rebecca must convince her husband to buy their dream home by going on a first date with agent R to make him jealous. Matt goes to the store while his wife plans the secret prank. Rebecca Zamolo sends a video message to the Agents from the GMI to meet in the park as they will now have their first date. Rebecca plans with her best friend Zoe and reveals her idea. She needs food so they go to the same McDonald’s when Rebecca did the twin swap challenge with the Merrell Twins. Matt goes shopping to find the best gift to win back his wife’s trust. When he returns he gets jealous and goes into disguise to spy on his wife for 24 hours. Agent R drinks milk and has a funny moment when he farts. Rebecca is brave and after he tries World’s Best Candy Zoe tells her Matt is spying. In order to get her dream house he needs to make this extreme. Rebecca asks agent R for a kiss. Will Matt stop them in time or will he watch the worst prank in the world? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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