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Rebecca Zamolo must rescue the Game Master and RZ Twin in a Scooby Doo disguise. After Rebecca posted THEY FOUND OUR HOUSE! Rebecca escaping with secret message from RZ Twin, Matt and Rebecca created “Trapped In Moving Truck For 24 Hours Challenge (Found Clues of Secret Date with Viral Life Hacks)”, The Real Game Master created “SWITCHING PLACES WITH RZ TWIN to solve Clues at Secret Meeting! (Using Hacks DIY Tricks Leap Year)”, next Game Master incorporated uploaded “GOING UNDERCOVER IN DISGUISE TO A SECRET MEETING to Find Truth! (Using DIY Hacks and Tricks to Solve Clues),” now Rebecca and her best friends are giant Scooby doo in real life and need to rescue the Game Master and RZ Twin for the leap year. Daniel lets them know the haunted castle belongs to a mystery man Frank N Stein. Rebecca and Matt must solve the mystery to reveal his true identity. Daniel parks the mystery machine and hands out spy gadgets. We use listening devices to communicate. Daniel and Zoe have a hacker battle royale to decide who stays to spy in the van. Daphne, Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby explore the trail to get to the haunted castle but someone is watching them. Since the leap year starts in less than 24 hours the squad decides to split up. Scooby and Shaggy must place the hacker devices around the perimeter of the castle. Rebecca and Matt explore inside the castle with their best friend Daniel. The trio must hide and spy on a secret meeting between two agents. Rebecca confronts M to convince her to reveal where Game Master and RZ Twin are trapped. Daniel uses her pet to trade information but it turns into a chase with Frank N Stein. They find the GM and RZ Twin in a hidden bookcase secret tunnel but the decoder ring is stolen.  Matt and Rebecca and Daniel walk into the haunted ghost room and Rebecca uses spy gadgets to detect them. Before they find the way out Frank N Stein and Agent D have a secret meeting. Rebecca, Daniel and Matt spy on them and discover the next location is back upstairs. Before they enter they see Agent S and Agent R. After they enter the escape room Agent S goes Missing. They found 7 keys and solve clues and riddle to escape. When Agent R sneaks back downstairs the ceremony event date has started before sundown. Can they stop the meeting and do a face reveal to stop the evil hacker? Or will hacks and tricks be the end of them? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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