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Rebecca Zamolo played a Giant among us but in real life game! Imposter IQ 900+ challenge. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded a Last to Leave Coffin Wins Challenge with a Surprising Secret Reveal! The Game Master network posted Hot Vs Cold Pool challenge to find imposter among us. Now Rebecca must trick the RHS like in Home Alone by turning her house into a giant haunted house. Rebecca, Matt and Maddie are each dressed up as zombie apocalypse characters. Rebecca must defend the living room! Maddie protects the kitchen and Matt surprises people in the living room. The first person to scare wins this challenge. Rebecca is an evil scientist making potions. Maddie is a wicked witch just like Matt’s biggest fear. Matt is a mummy just like in the hidden escape room in the Egyptian tomb. Do you think they will win this challenge? Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a battle royale at 3am. Or even worse, a 24 hour challenge. All we know is that the imposter is know among us and we need to trick the rhs into thinking this house is now owned by a mysterious family just like the Addams Family in real life. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Video Source Published 2020-10-28 16:12:35

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