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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours facing biggest fear at a giant waterpark to meet Mr. nice guy. Matt and Rebecca then were 24 Hours trapped in a giant tree house that became a hide and seek chase in cold vs hot challenge. The game master network posted a real food vs weird utensils challenge to win a game master mystery gift. Matt now must take Mr. X on a surprise first date as a Disney princess. Rebecca and Maddie go undercover in disguise as princesses and set up the tiny house with diy decorations. We need Mr. X to reveal where the key is to use the clone deactivator button and his crush will ensure he tells the truth. Matt blindfolds his date and sneaks him into the tiny house while the girls spy on the tea party. Robbie Rob shows up and wants to be Cinderella. When they start the date Matt is trying to get information. If he can figure out where the key is they can win. Matt’s crush says he loves Disneyland. After Matt says the code word they have a frozen popsicle and start their first dance. Who is helping Mr X and what happened to Daniel? Will Matt be able to win his heart or will they never defeat the Game Master’s brother? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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