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Rebecca Zamolo surprises Maddie and her crush with a DIY Prom 2020 in real life.

After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours going through my Ex best friend Zoe’s camera roll to reveal secret crush, then Matt and Rebecca posted crushing crunchy & soft things with my car which was an experiment to destroy iPhone SE of Ex Best Friend Next the the real game master revealed Daniel is missing at the lake of secrets after searching for RZ twin. Today, Matt and Rebecca finally get inside the tunnel but when Rebecca tries to unlock it the temperature heats up and smoke comes out. The three family members decide they must all be together to unlock the tunnel as it isn’t safe alone. Maddie is upset about missing her Australia prom so Rebecca decides to surprise her with a dream prom made from diy supplies in her house. Matt spies on Maddie watching John Krasinski prom youtube videos and knows this will be the best surprise ever! Rebecca sneaks her cousin Maddie upstairs while Matt finishes the Diy design. Her cousin found the perfect dress. Matt spies on the agents arriving and confronts them. When he tells Rebecca the plan is set, Matt goes back downstairs to let the agents in and warns them not to leave her alone in her prom dress. The prom starts and they all do a trending tik tok challenge. Rebecca put lie detector mixture in the punch so they tell the truth even though they are liars. Maddie reveals she still has feelings and her crush says they trapped 2 hackers. Matt goes into the tunnel upstairs but doesn’t realize Rebecca took the key back. She now wants to prank her husband for 24 hours. Will this be the dream prom Maddie needed? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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