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Rebecca Zamolo best photo wins challenge.

After Rebecca Zamolo had her cousin Maddie’s “Giant SECRET REVEAL! (We Tested Viral TikTok Life Hacks vs TRUTH) $10,000 Genius Challenge”, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “MADDIE LEAVES OUR HOUSE FOREVER! (Spending 24 Hours Keeping Giant Secret Testing Viral Tiktok Hacks)” The Real Game Master created “MATT IS WANTED?! Framed by Game Master and Mr. X in Secret Meeting (Surprising Viral Disguise)” The Game Master incorporated posted “LIE DETECTOR TEST ON GAME MASTER SPY! (Testing Viral Tiktok life hacks for Truth)”, now a mystery box arrives at Matt and Rebecca’s new house. What’s inside will change everything. Matt realizes it’s a best photo wins $10,000 challenge. Quickly they hear a noise in the living room. They decide that someone broke into the house and they need to battle royale in real life to surprise whoever is sleeping. The agents decide to join them since they are there to help with the challenge. After the first two wedding photos they start doing viral tiktok life hacks to see surprising results. Rebecca and Matt make it look easy as the first one they make is a harry potter themed! Next they go to a park to recreate more engagement photos and they find Agent S’ new home. He takes them on a tour and finds unbelievable items. Rebecca remembers that the game master gave her the mystery box and that he would be meeting them there but we have to keep it a secret. Both of the Agents play pranks and it turns into prank wars. It gets awkward when they reveal Agent S kissed Rebecca in the photo. It turns out they were just tricking them. The last photo was of Rebecca trapping Matt with a rope. Rebecca hears a noise and thinks it might be the GM but while she is distracted a Police officer shows up and arrests Matt. He thinks he is part of the missing puppy ring. Is Matt ok and why has no one heard from Maddie yet? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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